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The Benefits of Rubber Seeds

Rubber Seeds
" The Benefits of Rubber Seeds "

There are many benefits that can be taken with the use of rubber seeds that never dioleh and specially developed, especially in the province of Jambi. In general, the diktahui by simply taking the sap from the rubber rod or often called a tap. In fact, things - things to know in the process of tapping less known to the public, so the quality of rubber produced less good.If we look at the composition of rubber seed oil contains so much, there should be a better utilization of the processing of rubber seeds. With a land area of ​​rubber plantations in Jambi province, then it certainly can be easily overcome the energy crisis of its own in an increasingly haunting. Especially with the shadow - the shadow that the energy derived from fossil was not reliable anymore. As for some of the alternative energy produced from the raw material of rubber seeds is as follows.These materials can be sourced from the waste to be utilized in the manufacture of charcoal briquettes. One of the waste material is shell rubber seed oil. The process of making charcoal briquettes from rubber seed shell as follows:

a. Prepare the starting material for the manufacture of rubber seed shell biobriket that has been milled with a hammer mill.Therefore, these conditions must be balanced with efforts BioEnergy innovation fuels that have a better quality than biobriket. The quality is basically the parameter values ​​can be measured from the burning of calories and pollutant gas emissions.

One way to reduce petroleum consumption by the substitution biokerosin.Biokerosin is derived from petroleum materials - biological materials that are renewable. Biokerosin obtained from a variety of seeds including seed gum.The possibility of rubber seeds could potentially be considered as a substitute biokerosin kerosene. It also dapay increase added value for the income of rubber and can be used as input in the development of bioenergy in the management of rural areas, and encourage productive economic activities that take advantage of bioenergy materials from rubber seed and its by-products.
BiopeletBiopelet innovation that will be developed which are based biopelet rubber seeds that will diaplikasikasikan for household activities like cooking. It is based on the abundance of rubber in Jambi province with a relatively high caloric value. Pellets produced by crushing the seeds by using a rubber hammer mill, to obtain a mass of uniformly sized particles of bioenergy. Particle mass is then fed into the pressing machine with a diameter of 6-8 mm and 10-12 mm long. very high pressure causes the temperature of the rubber seed increases, so the compound lignin in changing the properties of rubber seed plastisitasnya forming a natural adhesive that produces pellets are dense and compact pellets during winter.Applications are made biopelet focused on domestic fuel. 4. BiodieselRubber seed oil contains 40-50% by weight, potentially as a raw material in the manufacture of biodiesel. Several reasons support the use of biodiesel from rubber seed in Jambi province if the terms of the rubber plant, rubber plant bn is available in abundance in the province of Jambi and that in terms of its diesel fuel, biodiesel has physical properties similar to petroleum diesel, has a number Setana better than petroleum diesel. There are two methods in the process of making biodiesel from rubber seed, the two methods, namely:a. Pressing methodIn this method, the seeds of rubber pressed by hydraulic pressure and the oil obtained accommodated volume measured, and analyzed the density, viscosity and free fatty acid levels. basic ingredient in the process of making rubber seed oil is being subjected to roasting, drying in the hot sun, steamed and steamed at atmospheric pressure in the autoclave.b. Transesterification methodIn this method, the process of making biodiesel from rubber seed oil through transesterification reaction using alkaline catalysts. This process requires oil-based materials with high purity. The process of making biodiesel from rubber seed oil by transesterification process is done by changing the pattern and intensity of stirring.

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