Thursday, 8 March 2012

type of fertilizer for growing plants in the rubber and the rubber latex production

Rubber plant would need some nutrients that are critical to stem the growth of rubber in order to flourish and quickly a large and rapid production.

Here are some types of fertilizers are often used to plant rubber in its infancy:
- Urea Fertilizer This type of fertilizer containing nutrients N (nitrogen) 46% in each weighing 100 grams.
Benefits of urea fertilizer in it:

Creating a shiny green leaves into the rubber and increase pertumbhana trunks and branches in order to be a big rubber pohoon
Increase the number of elements needed nutrients in rubber tree
Increasing the number of results tapping rubber trees
And so forth
- Fertilizer SP 36
Phosphorus is the nutrient source for rubber plants and readily soluble in water
The benefits of this type of fertilizer;

Accelerate the growth of rubber tree roots that are resistant to drought in the dry season
Increase the production of rubber latex
Adding resistance to pests and diseases of rubber plants
And his other sebgai
- Fertilizer KCL The content of potassium fertilizer is often in short clorida: KCl fertilizer
Some of the benefits of KCl fertilizer is:
Speed ​​up the metabolic process elements nitrogen and nutrient substances that other elements on rubber

If the plants bear fruit: it can hold flowers and flower buds that are not easily fall
Adds to the durability of rubber rods that are not easily collapsed or fallen
And the other as its
Of the several types of fertilizers with a single nutrient elements on a single type of fertilizer that combines nutrients to be some element of one type of fertilizer is NPK fertilizer
In the market many kinds of NPK fertilizer, but highly recommend for use in rubber plants with elements of N 15%, P 15%, K 15% of nutrient elements can also use the N16%, P16%, K16% fertilizer of this type there is usually an additional element nutrient that is: S (sulfur) that are able to resist fungal diseases on the rubber rod.
Rubber plant fertilizer at least 2 times in 1 year at the start of the rainy season and late wet season in each of his resistance.

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